Body art

Body art

The nude has figured in art ever since cave paintings and through the centuries, artists have drawn and painted the nude in a diverse and wide range of styles.

In photography, there have been many great exponents:  Man Ray, Horst, Helmut Newton and Jeanloup Sieff are just a few of the masters that come to mind and from who’s work Jayne and Chris  draw much of their inspiration.

A BeautyPhoto Body Art session is normally undertaken in black and white or subtle sepia.  They can be low-key with lots of shadow and dramatic lighting transforming the body’s undulations into a landscape. Or they can be high key with soft pastel tones.  Chris Birchall is a master of lighting and has a trained eye and camera techniques that can turn you into art.

Imagine having such a work of art on your wall knowing the subject was in fact you.


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