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Thank you for registering your Groupon Voucher!

The next stage is to book your appointment at our studio

Clicking the link below will take you to our on-line scheduler that shows the dates/timeslots that are available for up to three weeks ahead at any given time.

If there are no convenient dates available, save this page to your bookmarks and check again in a week or so.  If you’d like to reserve a date more than three weeks into the future, please email us via the Contact Page giving the date range you would like and we will enter the appointment manually.

There may occasionally be appointments available outside of the normal hours upon payment of an additional fee (see the FAQ below)


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Photo sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Once you have registered your Groupon we will send you a link to our studio calendar and on-line scheduler to see what days and times are available. These are normally weekdays at either 10.00am or 1.00pm.  Appointments can be arranged at other times and at weekends upon payment of an additional fee (usually £50 evenings, £75 weekends).

Don’t worry, so long as you let us know in advance (giving as much notice as possible) you won’t have to forfeit your voucher. We will ask for a refundable booking deposit to reschedule however. Only in the case of a no-show will the voucher will become void.

Of course not. The level of modesty is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. For the fantasy mermaid images, for instance, you can bring your favourite lingerie or bikini, you can wear our “sea shells” outfit, or you can appear as natural as mermaids were intended – fresh out of the water!
Please note: 18 is the lower age limit for semi-nude or lingerie poses. If you are, or appear to be 21 or under you will be asked to provide proof-of-age I.D.

The makeover and photo shoot is for one person but of course you may bring one other person to accompany you on the day. If you want to have some extra photographs taken with that person, ask beforehand. There may or may not be an additional charge for this.  Please note however that only one Groupon voucher can be used in any one session, and only one voucher per person.

Due to the very special price of the Groupon deal, I’m afraid we have to adhere strictly to the time allocated to the photo shoot and viewing appointments, so it is not possible to double-up or share the sessions (see item above).

Your Groupon includes professionally-applied photographic make-up, a studio photo shoot, an A4 finished print with essential retouching, a reference proof sheet of all the best shots and a £50 voucher toward the cost of any additional items from our framed wall art range that you might decide to purchase.

No problem. In fact it would be a shame to miss the opportunity whilst you have the photographic make-up on! Once we’ve shot your fantasy portrait, there will be time do do some stunning beauty portraits or some lingerie/boudoir shots if you wish.

After the shoot, we get to work editing and refining the shots, so that when you come back to view them on our digital preview suite you’ll have a better idea how they are going to look as fully-finished retouched portraits.  The viewing appointment is usually 3 to 7 days after your photo shoot.

Yes we can provide you with a photo gallery of your previews on a password protected web page. The images are security watermarked.  The galleries remain on line for six months and cost £150, although this amount is fully refundable against the cost of any photographs you subsequently order.

We will give you a free digital version of your fantasy portrait, optimised for use on social networking sites and watermarked for our mutual security. Additional images may be purchased at our standard rates.

No. There is no obligation to do so at all. However, you are welcome to upgrade your included print to larger sized image in our framed wall art range, or buy additional images at our normal prices. We do not employ sales staff so you’ll be under no pressure – other than the fact you might find it hard to resist the stunning photographs we produce at our studio!

Copyright of all images remains with the studio and you must gain permission before reproducing or publishing or using for any business purposes. A publication fee may or may not be payable depending upon the proposed usage. We are always happy to grant personal usage rights to customers on any images they in turn permit us to use for our own promotional uses.

[*] Sizes include border. The actual image size will vary depending on its shape.


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