Passport photos

I.D. Photographs for Passports, Visas, Driving Licences, Passes, etc.

No - Not this one!

Strict new rules

So, which of the “photo booth” pictures on the right do you think would be acceptable for use on a passport?

(Mouse over them to reveal the answer)

Strict new rules to combat passport fraud have resulted in tens of thousands of UK passport applications being rejected each year because of the photographs. No smile, no shadows on the face or background, spectacle frames mustn’t cover any part of the eye, no reflections, no tint, no distortion. The background must be between 5% and 10% grey (not white). The list goes on!

Almost every day we see customers from all over Flintshire and Denbighshire who have had their “photo booth” pictures rejected as unsuitable. We’ve even seen some rejects which were produced elsewhere professionally! Especially those done on “Instant Passport Photo” cameras which can fail because of the difficulty in gauging the “chin to crown” measurement. These also need be operated at the correct temperature or the image will be too light or too dark.

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For this reason we now produce our passport photos by hand to meet the exacting requirements for the new biometric passports, licences and ID cards and can guarantee* they will be accepted by the authorities. We always endeavour to make your passport photograph as nice as possible within the new rules, and take several so you can choose the best.


Although appointments are not always necessary, it is always best to telephone first because we are often away from the studio on assignment. Particularly important if you will be making a special trip to Ruthin from outside of the Vale of Clwyd

UK Passport size photographs are produced in sets of four for £10. If you need extra copies for other purposes they are “cheaper by the dozen” (£20 for twelve copies when ordered at the same time)..

Multi-purpose pictures

There are so many other requirements for passport size photographs these days – even a season ticket for the swimming pools at Denbigh Ruthin and Corwen have to carry a photograph!. Whether it be for a visa, an I.D. card, a driving licence, blue badge, bus pass or shotgun permit, Jayne and Chris Birchall provide a full professional service which meets the new requirements. Additional copies are available too, at a reduced price, so you are not limited to just four copies. Passport photos are processed at the end of each day, and can be posted on if required.

Non UK specification Passports

We are also able to produce passport photographs to any specification or size.

American and Canadian passports, Australian and French passports, for instance all have different requirements for their photographs. Worse still, these requirements can change at any time, so please obtain a copy of the latest specifications from the appropriate embassy and bring this with you.

If these specifications are exactly the same as those for a UK passport they will be charged at the normal rate.

Non UK size passport photographs cost £30 a set or £25 if you bring with you a current English language printout of the exact requirements for the relevant authorities. Additional family members attending at the same time – £15 per set.

*Our Guarantee

In the unlikely event of our photographs being rejected by the passport office for failing to meet the regulations (it’s not happened yet!), we undertake to re-shoot or reprint the photographs at no charge to the customer.

The studio’s liability in this matter is strictly limited to supplying new photographs and cannot be held responsible for any other costs whatsoever. By using our service, you agree to these limitations.

Use our timetrade scheduler to check availability and reserve your passport/ID photo appointment on-line now.

Alternatively you can book your photo shoot over the telephone by calling us on 01824 704844